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если вставить сюда редактор - будет круче
Here's the new ideas for the next update, please tell witch will you do and will not do :

- Multiple image upload (for galleries)

- Verified user badge (visible next to the username for user who verify their email)

- 'My Message' tab in user account (where is located the Wall, my details, all media, etc) so they can see and reply to messages rom other users

- Allow member to customize the color of their page (of the buttons, statistics text, etc) instead of that red only

- annoucement message visible on user accounts (at the top) and admin only can edit and set a message via admin panel

- NSFW with warning popup when you click that kind of media

- Improve mobile experience!

- Add a notification system on user account so they can see new messages, new media (if approved), and new comments on wall.

- Reply to comments on the Wall!!!!!

- Make that point feature more attractive! Allow users to buy points, send points to other users, buy custom color for their account, etc... basicly make a SHOP page where they can do all that and buy interesting stuff.